Scrap recycling is practical environmental protection, as scrap steel and non-ferrous scrap metal are ideal materials for recycling: In contrast to other secondary raw materials, these scrap materials can be recycled any number of times without a loss in quality.

According to the Federal Association of German Steel Recycling and Disposal Companies (BDSV), steel production based on scrap versus pig iron can save 86% in CO2 emissions. Further, for every ton of scrap steel that replaces pig iron for steel production, 1.5 tons of ore and 0.5 tons of fuel (coal, oil) are saved from extraction and are also not transported over long distances – natural resources are saved all around. Energy savings with production from scrap is 90%. Scrap recycling offers ecological balance and economic advantages. (Source: BDSV)

As a certified waste management facility, we of course have storage for emulsions-coated shavings in our environmental warehouses and we check for metal radioactivity. The floor structure on our property, with associated oil separator, meets current Water Resources Act (WHG) regulations.