Schwäbische Metallverwertung is a renowned mid-size recycling company. As a certified waste management facility, we serve our customers with real know-how and the greatest of care.

We focus on an enduring cooperation with our business associates based on partnership and trust - this is how we have served major companies in southern Germany for 35 years.

One side of our core business is the trade and storage of metals; the other side is the processing of new and scrap metals as well as metallic residues. We see ourselves as the link between industry, production and the building trades and our customers, the steel and smelting plants.

Our high-performance processing equipment produces ready-to-use raw materials out of non-homogeneous precursor materials. These return to the recycling process as secondary raw materials of the highest quality.

Through this dynamic waste disposal process, we can protect natural resources and the environment!

Our mission:
Innovation from experience